Chubby Bunny

Have you ever played? Well, it’s a game where every player takes a turn putting a marshmallow in their mouths until they no longer can say “Chubby Bunny”. The last player to clearly say Chubby Bunny wins. I feel like I’ve been playing and winning this real life version of the game most of my life, but just recently I started to feel like I was losing.

I felt like speaking up and saying what was on my mind when someone upset me by their actions or words but instead, I found myself placing another marshmallow and trying to say Chubby Bunny. Except this time, I couldn’t. I realized I could no longer just sit there stuffing my face with situations I didn’t agree with and instead had to stand up and speak my mind.

I am not one to hurt someone’s feelings intentionally, so I wouldn’t do that. Also, if I don’t care about you than I don’t care to waste my time on you & wouldn’t want to try and fix something that I could care less about. So if somehow, without sounding like a 5 year old, you are hurting my feelings, than I’m going to tell you. I’m not going to sit there and just not speak up anymore because if we are real friends, than you should be able to understand that it’s coming from a loving place and whatever the problem is we can resolve it and still stay friends.

So screw you, Chubby Bunny I’m glad we’re done playing because frankly, I wasn’t having much fun.

Xx Johnny Bobby


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