How much can someone change, really?

Have you ever been in a relationship where they’ve told you countless times that they’ll change? Here’s something you might already know deep down inside…THEY WON’T. They see how sad you are, and maybe in that one moment they actually feel bad, but once they’ve kissed your ass, they’ll be doing the same thing or the next new thing that’ll have you frustrated & in tears again.

Relationships are not easy, I get that. But they’re also not suppose to be so hard. Stop wasting your time with someone who doesn’t treat you the way you know you should be treated. There are SO many people in this world who are right for you, stop wasting your time with the one who isn’t. Don’t settle, you only have one life to live. Make the right decisions in life now, and smile for the remainder of the rest.

Xx Johnny Bobby.


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